Dan Koshute – Double Dip

For most of the time that old adage of youth being wasted on the young holds pretty much true but then there are kids like Joseph D’Agostino and Dan Koshute who’ve recently given the sound of the underground the almighty kick in the balls it needs. You should know the former by now from his glorious ‘Why There Are Mountains’ LP with Cymbals Eat Guitars but the latter is making up ground fast. ‘Double Dip’ knocked my socks off literally 10 minutes ago; it made me well up actually such is its ravenous lust for life. That and the rabid ingenuity at work, I’m sure most acts don’t sound this lively at 78rpm but in Koshute’s hands the stampede never sounds forced and everything is its right place. It’s big, bold and ridiculously ambitious. I’m wondering if they’ve invented speakers yet that could contain this at full tilt. Dan Koshute’s debut album ‘Kiss Line’ is out now, I’ve also started headbanging for the first time in 20 years. KD

Dan Koshute – Double Dip

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Year: 2009

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