Deastro – Spritle

He may be only 22 but Randolph Chabot already has a careers worth of material to his name. At first it was just him recording albums and drawing artwork in the room his parents were forbidden from entering. He was a prolific sort and his industry soon paid off as the Ghostly International label came knocking on his door (his parents gave them the key). Their union produced ‘Moondagger’, an album that heaves with the young man’s epic flights of fancy. The tunes retain a homemade charm but there is an intensity to the never ending ideas. Randolph likes nothing better than not resting on his laurels and also recorded a 7-inch this year for Five Three Dial Tone Records of which this tiddler is the a-side. It sounds familiar but don’t all the great ones? KD

Deastro – Spritle

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Year: 2009

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