Dr Fox's Old Timey String Band – Kids

This an oddity that works well when combined with alcohol, in saying that I played it earlier and it sounded quite well back then too. ‘Kids’ they call it and the savvy amongst you will spot the inspiration (it’s pretty obvious really, even for drunkards). The not unsubstantially named Dr Fox’s Old Timey String Band come from Kerry and make music using banjo’s, violins and voices. It’s early days but there is the distinct whiff of individuality about these lads, they know the score and they are only willing to divulge their secrets on their own terms. This is probably how Gomez sounded before they came up with ‘Bring It On’, let’s hope the Old Timey’s can deliver on the promise (at which stage the time to pretend they’re another band will come to an end). KD

Dr Fox’s Old Timey String Band – Kids

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Year: 2009

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