Engine Alley – The Flowers

It was a minor event from about 18 years ago (gulp) when the violin strains of ‘The Flowers’ seeped from a broken down ghetto blaster. I had been going on about this band from Kilkenny ad nauseum who were going to be the next big thing. As ever most of my words were lost on blank faces but this was finally some evidence that I was beginning to make progress. He was a proper student but his music tastes involved much ultimate raving so when I heard the freshly denuded cassette roll on this particular day I knew I had exercised some influence. It was to be a minor victory however as the student grew up to became the accountant and ultimately dedicated himself to a life of Garth Brookisms. I still think back to that special day, however, and the moment when what burned so brightly inside of me had company in the form of a little candle on the other side of the room. KD

Engine Alley – The Flowers

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Year: 1991

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