Faunts – Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. (Lemonade Remix)

New Order do faux Samba, nah Lemonade do real Faunts. The Canadian act have already been on our radar but they return in a decidedly more upbeat humour. This is a remix by Lemonade of the title track from their second album, which was released earlier in the year. It has picked some notable press but then we are all in need something to fill the coffers of our heart in these straightened times. Can you imagine cocktail in hand, ocean lapping at feet and this addressing the occasion as the sun goes down on another perfect day. They’ve already soundtracked the games people play you know. Escapism is all we have, at least until Friday evening comes around again. KD

Faunts – Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. (Lemonade Remix)

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Year: 2009

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