Fool's Gold – Surprise Hotel

It might just be straining to fill nearly 7 minutes but for the most part ‘Surprise Hotel’ is an intoxicating piece of craft. Calypso (or perhaps Tropical) you could say but then I’m no expert, being only a casual frequenter of the realm that exists beyond indie rock. Fool’s Gold’s journey began in the town of Weed (makes sense) at Cass McCombs wedding (doesn’t) and they will leave their first marker this September with the arrival of a self-titled debut. Going on the evidence as laid down by ‘Surprise Hotel’ you can be guaranteed it will be fun and so parallel to current thinking they could possibly be onto something really special. And all I want to know is what’s with all the bands named after Stone Roses songs all of a sudden? KD

Fool’s Gold – Surprise Hotel

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Year: 2009

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