I Am Kloot – To You

John Bramwell’s vocals do take some getting used to but it still seems a tad odd that Mancunians I Am Kloot have rarely managed meaningful public engagement. They are onto their 5th album with the autumn release of ‘The Sky At Night’ and given Guy Garvey is sitting in on production duties perhaps their time may finally be here. ‘To You’ comes from way back in 2001, opening their hugely promising ‘Natural History’ debut. Boasting a classy shuffle and Bramwell’s falsetto it stood apart through sheer uniqueness. Perhaps that’s the nub of their lack of commercial success, the sheer individuality that creates a reticence in the listener. KD

I Am Kloot – To You

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Year: 2001

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  1. July 18, 2009

    A beautiful song. Thanks for catching me up on a great band I somehow missed.

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