Jubilee Allstars – By The End Of The Night

1996’s ‘By The End Of The Night’ EP was the first recording the Jubilee Allstars undertook with the Lakota label. It was far and away their best work, a sloppy glorious mess that belied their general country dalliances. The Allstars were a trio of McCormack siblings and Lee Casey and were one of several acts that spearheaded the vibrant Dublin underground DIY scene of the mid-nineties (you can hear several others over on our very own Indiecater). ‘By The End Of The Night’ is a gentle strum, slow to reveal its charms and most effective when heard in the context of the EP of the same name. KD

Jubilee Allstars – By The End Of The Night

Watch The Video To Please Don’t Give Up On Me

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Year: 1996

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