Rollerskate Skinny – Thirsty European

Well thank you Rollerskate Skinny for giving my closest ever brush with tinnitus. You see around the middle of the last decade not even Mogwai (or for that matter arch sonic terrorists MBV) could match this Dublin quartet for eardrum shredding white noise. Could’ve figured from most of their immaculate sophomore ‘Horsedrawn Wishes’ which while splendidly melodic also forced its deafening agenda. The album was a beautiful piece of work, experimental but never losing its sense of memorable tuneage. ‘Thirsty European’ appeared towards the end and displayed many of the bands hallmarks, notably the ad-hoc momentum and the neverending feeling that you’ve just been beamed into several completely different songs. KD

Rollerskate Skinny – Thirsty European

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Year: 1996

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