Add N To (X) – Plug Me In

Despite incalculable numbers of signatures from University Maths Clubs around the globe the petition to keep London outfit Add N to (X) as a going concern just didn’t cut the mustard. Pity really and despite not exactly owning their entire set of releases I did shed a tiny tear when the end came in 2003. Where I did dabble though Add N To (X) handsomely rewarded, from the bucolic electronic noise that was ‘Robot New York‘ to this sliver of awkward digital from ‘Avant Hard’. The 3-piece stuck to their guns when the majors came running signing with Mute and while they delivered the goods their steadfast desire to carve their own path won admirers but hardly the key to the gold bullion. KD

Add N To (X) – Plug Me In

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Year: 1999

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  1. August 19, 2009

    brilliant tune, despite the unusual subject matter. I got it on that I Hate Sonic Mook series of 12inches a few years back.

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