Happy Family – Cups

Very excited about tomorrow, not just because it’s a bank holiday and the fact that the dread is suspended for 24 hours, but because August 3 marks the occasion of our newest indiecater release. And it’s a belter, so much so that I’ve spent most of this morning laying the groundwork for what is to come ( = scanning for similiar sounds). So here is the hypnotic sound of ‘Cups’ from Baltimore’s Happy Family. The track opens his new ‘Sound Farm’ EP which is available for free download from his site. Plenty of Panda Bearisms which means the swell of noise is well, er, pretty swell. Sounding as if it was squeezed through an ancient gramophone, until the tape chewed vocals appear anyway, this is heart warming stuff. Picture a lo-fi youtube vid featuring a swaying palm tree with lots of contented peeps dancing in unison far below and you get the gist. Magical.

Happy Family – Cups

More Info: Official
Download Free EP: Happy Family
Year: 2009

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