Indiecater Volume IV

I’ve always loved compilations and my favourites often contain tracks that I detest. But it’s their scattershot nature that draws me in, that age old proverb involving throwing a lot of shit. That’s why the notion of putting a compilation together myself seemed so attractive. So here is Indiecater Records fifth attempt at making the perfect collection of indie tunes. This time there are 19 of them from bands you’ve heard of and ones you may not have. Pricewise it works out about 37c a tune, which is not bad given the quality on offer (even if I do say so myself!). Here is a mini taster from Dublin act Sweet Jane who have already been immortalised by the Very Most in mp3hugger’s theme tune (see link at the top of this page). Indiecater Volume IV is streaming in full on the indiecater website. KD

Sweet Jane – Blackboots And Blackhearts

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Year: 2009

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