Polynya – Ribbon Dragons

A Polynya is a stretch of open water surrounded by ice. For the purposes of this blog though it is a band from North Carolina. I know which one I’d spend my leisure time in the company though, despite the uncommonly warm Irish weather. ‘Crop Rotation’ is the name of Polynya’s latest early 90’s infected LP. ‘Ribbon Dragons’ is too short but over its teensy lifespan triggers all manner of memories via mountainous cascading guitars and wonderfully realised intertwining vocals. It’s quite the song for those who can’t sing, just now my nearest and dearest asked whether I was having a fit such were my headphone inspired emissions. For 10 dollars you get ‘Crop Rotation’ and a glow in the dark t-shirt. Could there be a more environmentally friendly release this year? KD

Polynya – Ribbon Dragons

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Year: 2009

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