Salad – Diminished Clothes

What an absolute oddity from 1993. I remember being entranced at the time as much for the MTV presenter cum lead singer Marijne Van Der Vlugt as for any merit in the music. The press interest in the group peaked early but they soon tossed Salad into the bargain bin. That’s the double-edged sword in having a female fronted singer I guess (Louise Wener can tell you all about it). But the band’s debut album ‘Drink Me’ did some business and you could never accuse Salad of following convention given the downright weirdness of ‘Diminished Clothes’. In truth it was a mild indie stomper that troubled the cool clubs up and down the land for the briefest of time. And that’s more than 99% of what gets released manages to achieve. KD

Salad – Diminished Clothes

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Year: 1993

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