A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Failure

A Sunny Day In Glasgow released their second album ‘Ashes Grammer’ stateside yesterday (the 28th in Europe but quite what that means in an internet savvy world is open to question) and fans of their rampant eclectic montages rejoiced. The Philadelphia act push the experimental envelope to breaking point and have already produced a debut in ‘Scribble Mural Comic Journal’ that slowly unveiled a box of exotic treats that 2 years on still flabbergast. Indications are that its follow up is just as dark and mysterious so can you please get back to me at the backend of the year cause I’ll likely have its 22 tracks cracked by then. For the moment ‘Failure’ is delivering a duffle bag of off-kilterness freckled with moments of quite wonderful indie pop. KD

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Failure

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Year: 2009

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