Chet – The Night The Night

Chet are one of the most brilliantly unorthodox acts of the last few years. Their songs are mostly long and winding, often veering off into channels you never dreamed they would. I happened upon their last LP ‘Fight Against Darkness’ quite by accident but almost from the getgo I was sold on its offbeat melodies and loose adherence to traditional templates. Not much has changed on its follow-up ‘Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home’; it still takes a week of listens before the plot thins. Ryan Beattie’s vocals are as wasted and regal as ever (and still remind one of Stuart Staples) and they scatter his melancholic words with abandonment. ‘The Night The Night’ is a vivid example, tumbling as does from near impenetrability to softly focused indie pop. Chet are a consistently fascinating band to cherish. KD

Chet – The Night The Night

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Year: 2009

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