The Music Tapes – For The Planet Pluto

I’d wager if you were to list your favourite 10 singers the humble saw wouldn’t get a look in. And for good reason because you’ve probably never heard Julian Koster’s one sing. It has the personality and gusto of an equatorial bird with colourful plumage (and a Christmas album already under its wing). Top marks must also go to Koster’s (he was in Neutral Milk Hotel don’t you know) own vocal contribution which is a stew of yelps and offbeat interjections that on closer inspection make a great deal of sense. Who needs a chorus and a bridge when the Music Tapes are there to rip up the rules and let the show materialise in a way that truly defines arch creativity. ‘For The Planet Pluto’ is a new tune, not sure yet if there will be more of its kind down the tracks. KD

The Music Tapes – For The Planet Pluto

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Year: 2009

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