Things That Make You Go Hummmmm

We are in the midst of a major renovation job before the arrival of hugger junior (tentative drop date mid November) and the one thing that has struck me over the last few days is that humming is no match for the aural delights it attempts to replicate. My dad is renovations project manager and despite a particular dislike for modern sounds he remains one of the most consistent performers on the humming circuit. Now at first it struck me as a rather charming trait but 5 long days of the stuff tends to grate especially since I’ve established that his emissions are built around the air of no song in particular. If I was to be brutally honest the offending drone is utterly without focus, drained of any semblance of chorus and in a different situation could be legitimately construed as the ramshackle and slightly embarrassing party piecing of a sozzled old fart. I’d go so far as to label it as the touchstone for ho-hum. So it is with great pleasure that I’m now sitting at my rightful place in front of a computer screen with a couple of hundred new tunes in need of ingesting. Hooray for real music and a giant boo for those wannabee entertainers who take it upon themselves to drive their nearest relatives to drink with their malorchestrated warblings. So a special thank you must go to Nate and Jeremy for saving my ears this evening. This remix reimagines the Very Most’s cracking summer anthem ‘You’re In Love With The Sun‘ in the grooviest of ways. And it’s timely too given that the band’s 3rd release on indiecater, the ‘Autumn’ EP, is due next Monday (21 Sept). You can bet it’s going to be a hum-dinger! KD

The Very Most – You’re In Love With The Sun (Straight Up! Remix)

More Info: Official Straight Up! & Straight Up! On Myspace
Buy The Summer EP: The Very Most
Year: 2009

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  1. September 15, 2009

    Ha-it won’t be long till Hugger Jr. will be saying those things about you;-) With my two I go from being a Cool dad to an old foggy in about two seconds! Good remix:-)

  2. September 16, 2009

    Oh man. Harshin’ on dad. I must admit it’s funny though.

  3. September 17, 2009

    Tim: Nah, sloppy whistling is more my scene ;)

    Jeremy: Luckily he is computer averse so will be none the wiser about my

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