Truman Peyote – New Wife New Life

Truman Peyote may well be riding in the slipstream of a giant swell of contemporary electronic pioneers but happily they are intent on making their own waves. The duo of Caleb Johannes and Eric Farber come from Massachusetts and have already released their debut record ‘Light-Lightning’ on CDR. Now all the attention has prompted a revision of media choices and it will soon be reappearing on 12-inch vinyl. Songs like ‘New Wife New Life’ will probably cope quite well in their new environs because they skip and crackle at a remarkably consistent level. There’s endless ingenuity at work amongst the upturned ideas and half-baked diversions. 2009 is truly witnessing electronica’s renaissance. KD

Truman Peyote – New Wife New Life

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Year: 2009

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  1. September 18, 2009

    Really great track.

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