Alphamono – Laynod

You’ll be hearing a lot more about these Dublin lads (or ladies?) sometime very soon but not from me because I know about as much as you. Yep, despite glazing over every visible particle of their myspace I cannot glean a single fact apart from an impression that they have a certain sense of humour (how come I’ve never heard that Inisman joke before?). But lackage of factoids aside Alphamono are an act to celebrate, someone to challenge the emerald electronic crown currently residing at the Dying Seconds residence. And this was achieved with a tune that is liberal in its use of the vocoder (it was never the same after Cher took her perm to it). But ‘Laynod’ has something, a spark, a heart, a personality that indicates that creativity is stirring. Turns out indications were correct as I’ve already heard ‘Fanfaidh Me’ and it’s rekindling my love for nicely turned out chilled up bleeps. KD

Alphamono – Laynod

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Year: 2009

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