Spirit Spine – Crashers (Highs and Lows)

Well, I am giving the Candy Claws record some seeing to. It is never out of my ears and even when it is it floats prominently in my consciousness. It’s a bit overwhelming this love we share so every now and then I stick on some ‘Person Pitch’ or other like-minded purveyor of intricate melodic electronica to just give ourselves a little space. Today, that soul belongs to Indiana’s Joseph Denny (he of the ghostly back) who ploughs through the books at college while simultaneously summoning a tad more creativity from his computer. ‘Crashers (Highs and Lows)’ is the one that caught my attention immediately because it sets it self apart from the current surge of AC/PB sounding creatives. He has a free EP and an album to buy from his myspace page so there is much to investigate (and if it’s as good as this much to savour) from Spirit Spine. KD

Spirit Spine – Crashers (Highs and Lows)

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Year: 2009

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