The Charlatans – Believe You Me

For those of you old enough to remember a time when you couldn’t rely on a hard drive to preserve the music from your past I understand your pain. Mixtapes for all the accolades are a pain in the reflection stakes, especially if the last time you used a working player Gabriella Sabatina was creating all sorts of dribbles (she subsequently butched up something awful). One song that made a late push for entry onto my Golden Greats (copyright Lawrence Gogan) mixtape came from the Charlatans greatest (and most aged) album ‘Some Friendly’. Back in 1990 ‘The Only One I Know’ was everything (The Stone Roses apart), the hair, the video, the shuffle, the ‘Looking For The Orange One’ t-shirt all infected my life to such a degree I must have been close to intolerable. I remember one Christmas eve playing the album to death in our banger as me and my Dad drove around the markets. By the end he was so brainwashed that almost despite himself he had amassed half a dozen pudding bowls (for DIY mop styling later) and several pairs of chinos (very unbaggy like it must be said) that could have fit a man twice his size. I sniggered, turned on my floppy fringe and promptly tripped on a wind propelled Joe Bloggs trouser leg. Fine times but looking back I wish there had been a digital depositary that I could have used to amass all those songs, instead I’ll have to leaf through several years worth of unlabelled spools. Oh yeah, Tim Burgess looks really silly nowadays. KD

The Charlatans – Believe You Me

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Year: 1990

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