Death Valley Sleepers – Seaside

I haven’t felt like this since thirteen tales from urban bohemia or at least the last BJM song that tickled my lobes. But rather than being an unruly lot of elegant wasters from down Portland way Death Valley Sleepers turns out to be just one man from Denmark. ‘Seaside’ is one of Tobias Winberg’s newest tracks and it is a blinder, an epic, a contemporary bullseye in 2 parts (second part has that ‘Santa Cruz’ (FS) thing going on, so good). Winberg does some great press shots (Sonic Boom I hear you say ““ who says smoking kills your cool), recently came through his first gig unscathed and has a myspace awash with luscious demos. ‘Seaside’ is the pick of the bunch, a stone cold classic no less and try as it might to sound like the JAMC and the VU it still cuts it’s own green furrow. A blissful hit in your car. KD

Death Valley Sleepers – Seaside

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Year: 2009

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