Jeremy Messersmith – Welcome To Suburbia

Among the 10 million other things happening at the moment we are also moving from our Dublin city centre base to near suburbia. Near I say because it has always been a hugger stipulation that the metropolis be within walking distance. Always good to have one’s paw on the pulse even if the chances of adding to said excitement ceased years ago. Anyway, the main reason I am telling you all this is so that I can post this lovely little tune from Jeremy Messersmith. It sounds like a festive tune with Elliott Smith at the helm to me and for those reasons alone it is something to cherish. Messersmith is from Minneapolis and this tune is taken from his classy 2008 sophomore ‘The Silver City’. Seems he has made at least one friend in the fair city too. KD

Jeremy Messersmith – Welcome To Suburbia

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Year: 2008

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