Venice Is Sinking – Okay

When I look back at the 4 years that this blog has been on the road I see a handful of bands that have made the experience all the more worthy. Bands that continually reach and affect those medically unclassifiable musical membranes that control goosebumps, hairs standing on end and cold shivers when it’s 30C outside. Georgia’s Venice Is Sinking are certainly one of them, there is something intangible in their makeup that reduces me to a sniffling baby everytime. My favourites up to their 2009 album ‘Azar’ had been ‘Pulaski Heights’ and (the best Christmas song Low never wrote) ‘The Grey Line’ but those pristine numbers now have company in the form of ‘Ryan’s Song’ and this one, ‘Okay’ (written about the band of the same name). It’s so good VIS reckoned it deserved it’s own EP and of course they were right, they even made a video for it that is both low budget and high jinx. VIS are one of those special bands that appear below the surface and sadly we’ll just have to accept that it’s that great iceberg truth in a music world gone mad. KD

Venice Is Sinking – Okay

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Year: 2009

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