David Kitt – Song from Hope St. [Brooklyn NY]

I was humming and hawing (mostly humming it must be said) about whether to do a list chronicling my fav albums of the noughties. This was more because it seemed as if everyone else was doing it rather than out of a great hunger to commit to a set of choices. The job proved more difficult than I’d expected and rather than let baby go hungry I decided to just focus on my choice of best Irish album of the decade. Somewhat despite myself at various points in the last 10 years I completely fell for ‘O’ and ‘For The Birds’, both resonated deeply but for all their genuine greatness it was the ‘The Big Romance’ that stole my heart. Again this was an album that I happened upon rather than seeking it out. We had decamped to Sydney for a few months and I had found this record shop that was selling ridiculously cheap CD’s and the primary colours of this album just stood out. The songs contained within revealed themselves slowly, the overriding soft focus slowly giving way to low slung melodies and deft instrumentation. The songs work best in the context of the album and as such it can be difficult to pick out an individual effort that would persuade newbies towards its gentle glory. Personal trauma involving the self same romance would soon rob Kitt of his mojo and his subsequent albums have been hit and miss affairs. The Dubliner is just better wired for writing music about bright love rather than its lost equivalent. Small moments rarely sound this good. KD

David Kitt – Song from Hope St. [Brooklyn NY]

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Year: 2001

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