Huts on Stilts – Kopraonu

Earlier this year I professed my love for this collective from Carlow and quite unbeknownst to me they’ve since gone on and released a full length. ‘Lo-Fi Love Songs’ was mostly recorded live and cocked some very important American ears (very few Irish ones mind). I am at this moment getting a copy couriered over the snow-capped Wicklow mountains and my expectations are higher than said peaks. Being drip fed Huts on Stilts goodies has just warmed the cockles for the full on experience that will follow shortly. The quartet are fans of the Frank and Walters and write songs about Estonian girls so what’s not the like. ‘Kopraonu’ is an altogether simple affair, blushing as it delivers its melody laden lines and barely raising the vocal parts above a glowing hum. KD

Huts on Stilts – Kopraonu

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Year: 2009

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