Conor Mason – Before You Return

Despite only coming from up the road in Derry it took a note from his Glasgow record label Antimatter to make Conor Mason appear on our radar. And glad we are too because the warm embrace from his ‘When It’s Over’ album has been making the deep snow in our back garden slowly melt away. The first thought that shot into my head was Elliott Smith but then similarities aren’t close enough to be distracting. ‘When It’s Over’ is a lovely listen, a gush of melodies accompanied by delicately woven arrangements. Mason’s vocals are a soft velvet rush of niceness and when things really take off like on ‘Before You Run’, ‘When It’s Over’ and ‘Luck’ you have the makings of an artist that could soon win over a slew of hearts. KD

Conor Mason – Before You Return

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Year: 2009

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