Francis – I Was Never Bored At All

Of course it all hangs on the cute piano line, which will see girls with clips in their hair nod approvingly. The sugar doesn’t end there though as the voice that stands imperiously over everything else is noteworthy. Francis are a band with no names (I don’t for one second expect Jerker to be a real name, but thanks for the lovely email!) who are about to release an album that has no working title (or at least one they are willing to divulge). In the end it’s all cosmetic anyway, who gives a toss for packaging, band names, bio, stories about the producer when 95% of the reason we like music is because it sounds nice. This delicate number achieves what most songs fail to deliver, a memorable 3+ minutes that withstand the ravages of repeated exposure. KD

Francis – I Was Never Bored At All

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Year: 2010

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