Rubicks – Midas

2 thoughts rang out in the night sky, what a pretty Catatonia tune and one that sports such an elastic Joy Division bass line. The facts however will show that ‘Midas’ is in fact the product of 2 girls and 2 boys from London who go by the name of Rubicks. They’ve been knocking around since the early part of the century and their last EP ‘Idiot Time’ came out April last year. ‘Midas’ comes from 2002 but somehow found it’s way onto the SXSW music torrent in 2007. Got to be thankful too because this is a feisty little number, one designed to tear indie dancefloors apart through its adherence to creative multi-tasking. Could be kids singing at the end too and despite the danger of this decision it actually works pretty well. KD

Rubicks – Midas

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Year: 2002

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