Spirit Spine – Flashes

Fuck it, Monday tomorrow. Time to don those slightly crumpled black slacks, lace up those terribly beaten but well polished comfy brogues and remove ones brain for the necessity that is reality. It’s punishment but the daytime torture makes the evenings all the more delightful. Ain’t nothing like that post clocked out feeling with new tunes spilling into ears and the promise of family at the end of the walkable commute. So with increasingly upturned lip I often like to spend Sunday evenings looking for a positive mood shifter. Tonight it comes from Spirit Spine, a young man called Joseph Denney who spends his time between the endless crammed life of a student writing electronic sounds like foraging creatures on the jungle floor. It’s subtle stuff, low on meaningful narrative but high on propulsive melody and bodes well for his sophomore, which is out in a couple of days. Nessum dorma, if Joseph gets his way. KD

Spirit Spine – Flashes

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Year: 2010

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