Love Is A Burning Thing – Go Back To Your Cave

This is especially for those who find the Knife too oblique for daytime consumption. And they come from Sweden too where band profiles are rare and in any case would rob an act of all mystery. So with that knowledge, or lack thereof, we push forward and analyse the music in its own right. Like most electro based nodules ‘Go Back To Your Cave’ is indebted to former glories, in this case a sweaty night down your local hard trance emporium. Not that it retains that disposability but the working parts suggest Love Is A Burning Thing like nothing better than wave their hands in the air, that is when they are not required for digitised bleep duty. This is mildly euphoric and would have proved an inspired futuristic vision had it appeared on a Visage LP all those years ago. So it glows. KD

Love Is A Burning Thing – Go Back To Your Cave

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Year: 2010

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