Hayden – Home By Saturday

I’m sure there are a hundred better exponents of alt country but since it’s not a genre I seek out I’ve gotta say that at this moment in time Hayden Desser is the best. He’s been around for a bit has auld Hayden, going back to a time when releasing something on cassette wasn’t deemed a cold attempt at fostering nostalgia. The Toronto artist’s most recent album came out last year but this track is from the one that preceeded it ‘Elk-Lake Serenade’. This is a slow tumble, built around the simplest of vocal turns but I’m finding it strangely hypnotic. Could be down to the fact that this is the first track out of 58 that hugger junior hasn’t screamed her objection at. She also prefers to chew tapes over memory drives. KD

Hayden – Home By Saturday

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Year: 2010

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