Mojave 3 – Kill The Lights

Crikey, can it really be 4 years since Mojave 3’s sweet popsicle of love ‘Puzzles Like You’, the album that showed us that Slowdive was well and truly buried and in its place was a fully-fledged powerpop machine. Took me by surprise I must say given what had preceded it, with Mojave 3 normally content with peddling pleasant if hardly life changing country twang. ‘Kill The Lights’ and its brethren (‘Breaking The Ice’ my heart is still yours) were straight out of the handbook on how to craft perfect melodies. Since then there has a been a solo album or 2 but nothing in the way of new material from the collective. It’ll need to be something special to eclipse its predecessor but you’d hardly bet against them because when the sun shines they’ll be playing in the background. KD

Mojave 3 – Kill The Lights

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Year: 2006

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