Timo Maas – Manga

I’m through with indie rock for one night. In need of a refreshing sonic sorbet, I’ll plump for a blazing star that’s loud, gregarious and which doesn’t feel the need to supply a clean riff to instigate wholesale nodding. This is taken from German DJ Timo Maas’s 2002 album ‘Loud’, a glorious juggernaut of cinematic beats that peaks imperiously during ‘O.C.B.’ and ‘Manga’. This hurtles like the millennium falcon, coma’s like Vader’s diaphragm before storm trooping into the distance with the accuracy of a lightsaber. Ewok’s the walk. KD

Timo Maas – Manga

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Year: 2002

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  1. Ronan
    April 23, 2010

    Absolutely loved this album, must dig it out again

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