Bloc Party – So Here We Are

So Kele has struck out on his own, ‘fraid I’m past caring at this stage owing to a string of unpalatable Bloc Party releases. And this after ‘Silent Alarm’ slowly reeled me in, the jerky histrionics initially irritated but ‘So Here We Are’ had me in such floods (made it onto our wedding video – sandwiched between ‘Your Hand In Mine’ and ‘Just Like Heaven’) there was only going to be one winner. A quick retrospection revealed an album of depth, bright ideas that delved in the past but was frontloaded with modern day insecurities and bright hooks. 2005 was the last great year for albums that I can remember but ‘Silent Alarm’ flew close to the summit. ‘Banquet’, ‘Blue Light’, ‘So Here We Are’, ‘Helicopter’ and ‘This Modern Love’ sound positively classic now, their incandescence neither dulled nor diminished with the passing of half a decade. This is a Messi hat-trick set to music, maybe I’ll give Kele a chance after all. KD

Bloc Party – So Here We Are

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Year: 2005

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