Brakes – All Nite Disco Party

Yeah it was the album with the best short funny songs ever. ‘Give Blood’ was also the first and last great record from Brakes (can’t accept that stuttered name they gave themselves in order to conquer new territories) as it spun itself into a tizzy over 16 songs of unbridled madness. ‘You’re So Pretty’ was the undeniable classic of the bunch (so beautiful, kinda ‘Gold Soundz’ in its application) but ‘All Nite Disco Party’ had the feel of a cult indie favourite in waiting. It was backed up by a clever video too so its absence from Friday night playlists is all the more surprising. Given the band’s subsequent deceleration (thankfully the day jobs are more than fulfilling) that’s probably unlikely to change any time soon. KD

Brakes – All Nite Disco Party

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Year: 2005

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