Grand Pocket Orchestra – Nigeria

Day 2 of our ‘Fast Forward‘ preview and this time the tune has Irish origins. Funny that too when you consider that we won’t even be competing but when did the Irish ever turn down a great party? We’ve been partial to the determinedly quirky Grand Pocket Orchestra for a couple of years now so it was such a delight when they said they would take on Nigeria as part of our World Cup compilation. And this while they were beavering away on their debut album at the same time. The results proved to an absolute delight, a carnival of exotic noises, marching band eccentricities and a vocal input that provides a central point to the madness going on all around. ‘Nigeria’ is one of 32 on ‘Fast Forward’ which is available for a fiver from the Indiecater site. Go Super Eagles. Pic above courtesy of Loreana Rushe. KD

Grand Pocket Orchestra – Nigeria

More Info: Football Comp & Grand Pocket Orchestra
Buy Songs: Fast Forward
Year: 2010

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