He Thinks, He Worries, He Moves On, Why Has It Come To This?

I’m increasingly reticent to listen to certain bands and I’ve put this down to the chilling effect that the suits within the industry are having. Despite the fact that it’s generally 100% promo that fills my ears I can’t escape wondering whether something sinister is looking up my last.fm stats and questioning how several Villagers tracks have appeared there when ‘Becoming A Jackal’s official launch is still weeks away. This morning as I read a review of the new Band of Horses album on the Guardian website I was taken in by their assertion that parts of it instil a head rush akin to that managed by the Stone Roses debut. Being of that vintage and liking BOH’s previous albums I was immediately intrigued. A cherishable experience awaited but then I copped BOH’s major label status so the vast array of potholes on that particular road makes it one I’d prefer not to traverse. Much of this apprehension is daft I know but something in the back of my head (and increasingly in the pit of my stomach) is driving my musical adventures away from unknown pleasures. Those transmissions from IMRO haven’t helped of course but if listening to new music becomes the crime we are been told it is then I can’t help feeling something wonderful will be lost. That said I couldn’t give a fuck for any of that shite once I’ve got my Van Allen Belt. KD

The Van Allen Belt – I Can’t Believe You Murdered Me

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Year: 2009

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