Kowalski – Letters From The Height Of Summer (Dear Bird)

All the adulation bestowed upon Villagers rings a bit hollow to me. Fair dues to Conor O’Brien for landing that deal and he is undoubtedly a talented lad but ‘Becoming A Jackal’ just feels like a long snooze, offering little in the way of differentiation. He’ll do something much better down the line but for the moment I’ll avert my gaze. Much less sophisticated but altogether more digestible is the new EP from Bangor act Kowalski. The hits are immediate on ‘Take Care, Take Flight’ but it’s hard not to fall for their easy melodies and jangly chords. ‘Letters From The Height Of Summer (Dear Bird)’ is just adorable, clean shaven and knocking on your door with fresh daffodils. Pretty sure you’ll be inviting them in. KD

Kowalski – Letters From The Height Of Summer (Dear Bird)

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Year: 2010

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  1. May 15, 2010

    Have to agree with you there! I like Villagers and there’s a few great songs on the record, but as a whole it’s a bit of a bore.

    Good find with Kowlaski – that song is fantastic. Bought the EP on the strength of it alone! Thanks for introducing me!

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