Parchman – Ride

Parchman 'Ride' EP
Unfortunately I know shag all about this band apart from the fact that they released an EP called ‘Ride’ in 1990 on City Beat Records. This is the title track and is note perfect in its execution of the baggy madchester sound. In fact such dedicated followers of fashion were our Parchman that ‘Ride’ ended up a bit like the best parts of the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays (c.f. ‘I Am The Resurrection’ and ‘Loose Fit’). Ultimately though the mirage could evoke wonderful memories for anyone of a certain vintage, namely those for whom a step once found a home on their head. On a side note I was once refused entry into Major Toms for owning one, cretins, thankfully I held my ground control. KD

Parchman – Ride

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Year: 1990

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