The Keys – Fire Inside

Not quite sure how much one could hope for from a band that used to be called Murry The Hump (John Peel had them in 3 times so lets no scoff too much) but the Keys do more than enough to reward the faithful. The Cardiff act have as much in common with their countrymen El Goodo as they do with the seminal sixties acts that dreamt up this sound in the first place but they also bring something new to the party. ‘Fire Inside’ is the title track from their newbie and is a colossus of shimmering summery sounds. As well as all the obvious references you’ll also hear Elastica which is surely an odd combination but it gives ‘Fire Inside’ an unwavering solidity. And for all its summer anthemness the song also finds the time to display a degree of artful experimentation. Quite a return for a few minutes of your time. KD

The Keys – Fire Inside

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Year: 2010

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