Candy Claws – Sunbeam Show

Candy Claws are a band we hold tightly to our hearts, a creative who dare to do it differently and who effortlessly realise their ambitions in the process. They released an album on Indiecater just last year (as well as contributions on a couple of our compilations) that mangled the competition through its lush velveteen dreampop melodies. ‘In The Dream of The Sea Life’ was startlingly good and the voluminous critical praise heaped upon it proved that we were not alone in our dewy eyed adulation. Now the Fort Collins collective are back with a newbie called ‘Hidden Lands’, out on August 3rd on the New York twosyllable label. The album took its direction from Robert Ketchum’s book ‘The Secret Life of The Forest’ and if that wasn’t a tricky enough task the band decided to record it using instruments they hadn’t quite mastered. It is the definition of organic creation and only Candy Claws could storyboard such an abstract theme. ‘Hidden Lands’ captures the essence of life in the fauna and the action in the lengthy shadows is consistently dramatic. I’ll leave you with ‘Sunbeam Show’ from the album to twig your interest even more. KD

Candy Claws – Sunbeam Show

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Year: 2010

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