Capratone – Homeward

Seems the internet is currently experiencing a frenzied mid-90’s Dublin music scene buzz. Well not exactly but 2 sites have appeared, seemingly out of the blue and coincidentally at the same time, that recall a fertile time for art in the city when you could record several classic albums in the basement of a run down block of flats on one of Dublin shabbiest streets. I’m talking of course about the Dead Elvis and Blunt websites, which chronicle the records labels of the same name. Our association with the former is well documented as the reissue of In Motion’s debut (and to a lesser extent Sunbear’s eponymous effort) took the work of several ex Dead Elvis’ers to come to fruition. We’ve got another classic from that particular canon on reissue alert for Indiecater sometime in October sow keep your ears peeled. Dead Elvis and Blunt had a good deal of crossover in their rosters and that came to a head when they jointly put out the greatest compilation of underground talent this country have ever produced. The seminal ‘Zip Up Your Boots For The Showbands’ not only made its way onto a U2 song but is remembered fondly for the quality of its songs (I was only talking to Dave from Road Records about it recently). The song I fell for most was ‘Homeward’ from a band called Capratone (they have an unreleased album somewhere apparently, you know where to go lads if you want to publish it). It still sounds transcendent, and oddly out of tune, all these years later. As glorious as the far canals.

You can download ‘Zip Up Your Boots For The Showbands’ for nadda from the Blunt Records blog. KD

Capratone – Homeward

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Year: 1996

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