Clean Equations – Haitian Noise Piece

It’s scratchy, experimental, lo-fi and has almost 40 seconds of background toy keyboard tugs to kick things off. Yep, something this scattershot shouldn’t really work but ‘Haitian Noise Piece’ is a gorgeous rambling mess. Mike Nyhan is the man at the controls and Clean Equations is what he calls himself when this chaotic noise erupts. It should appeal to those who enjoy making the join between No Age, Times New Viking and the Beastie Boys and there’ll be lots more where that came from when Clean Equations’ debut record ‘People/Variables’ comes out in September. If it is as memorable as ‘Haitian Noise Piece’ there will be a lots of people itching to attend ‘a cool record release party’. KD

Clean Equations – Haitian Noise Piece

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Year: 2010

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