Ida – The Pain of Loving You

You know things have reached crisis point when the first words spoken by your baby are goo goo zela. I’ll admit I’ve been letting my paternal duties slip since June 11 and the guilt I’m feeling isn’t likely to cease until late on Sunday. Of course being the sort that I am I’d been grooming my wife for what lay ahead since just after Christmas. Little witty asides, miscellaneous facts and joyful references to what was gloriously building up in South Africa – the idea being that familiarity, rather than breeding contempt, would instead foster a parallel sense of wonder – so that when the big event finally arrived the path would be clear for resistance free viewing. It has worked wonderfully up to a point; while no appetite has been orchestrated on the other side I have been able to bask relatively freely in everything this World Cup has to offer. Last night however the upcoming denouement revealed itself as I was coldly informed of the rocky 3 year, 11 month journey to redemption. Seems my ingenuity for marketing the new season will have to move up a notch or two in the coming weeks. Please god if Diego & co. make it to Dublin in early August I might just be in with a small shout. KD

Ida – The Pain of Loving You

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Year: 2007

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