Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Forever Live And Die

This might be about as wet as a baby wipe that’s spent half an hour in the company of a leaking Avent but boy does it stir up memories of a time when the coolest sounds were of the electro pop bent. Don’t give me the contemporary version because that’s just poor imitation. Instead you should wallow in the genius that was Ultravox, Erasure, the Human League and these saps. Even by O.M.D. standards ‘Forever Live And Die’ is indecently inoffensive and I shudder as I recall the amount of times I returned the needle to the start of the 45 to sway alone in my country bedroom as the boys crooned in unison. Hugger has a dark and innocent past, thankfully the Stone Roses were to come along and throw a life raft. P.S. This is a low bitrate mp3 which will self-destruct in 6 days, there are buy links to OMD’s music below, so don’t shoot me major label hounds. KD

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Forever Live And Die

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Year: 1986

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