Light Pollution – Good Feelings (CSLSX Remix)

Pretty intuitive of the Chicago 4-piece Light Pollution to call it ‘Good Feelings’ because the sense of euphoria in its slinky design is all pervasive. Ok, remixers CSLSX have probably had a twiddling hand in making it appear like a Panda Bear with a penchant for nifty hand gliding yet the base materials must have been gold to begin with. With a self-released vinyl EP behind them (and sold out too) and a debut album on the cards life must be pretty good for Light Pollution. One could even hypothesize, while regretting the strained attempt at cleverness, that life could truly be a gas if this band were to take hold. KD

Light Pollution – Good Feelings (CSLSX Remix)

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Year: 2010

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