Seaside Stars – Darlin'

The newbie from Teenage Fanclub was lost on me, I had heard ‘Baby Dee’ and after that I couldn’t be seen for dust. I’d suspected the magic was draining so decided against picking from the carcass. Instead I voted with my ears and plumped for the Berlin branch of the Teenage Fanclub appreciation society, which goes by the name of the Seaside Stars. The band are putting the finishing touches to their yet unnamed 3rd album and if ‘Darlin’ is anything to go by it may just be drenched in indie pop wonders. This is nothing if not simplistic, flouting melodies that sound cosy and familiar but ones that never fail to unleash bolts of happiness. And in a somewhat surprising move the German government is backing Seaside Stars upcoming tour of the U.S. What next, Brian Cowen onstage at Vicar St., towel in hand, offering to clear the debris from Christy Dignam’s mouldy and ever bare stumps. KD

Seaside Stars – Darlin’

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Year: 2010

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