Strange Holiday – The Eagle Has Landed

It can be a bit disconcerting at times discovering how much new indie music sounds the same these days. The possibilities are hardly endless given the tools of the trade but incidences of brave new tailoring are few and far between. So that’s why Strange Holiday’s ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ instantly won favour, it might be pretty quiet but it makes a noise in the sit up and take notice department. The band are based in Portland and consist of singer Alison Ables and four gentlemen. But as you’ll discover the focus is firmly on Ables and her haunting vocal dispatches, gorgeous though the music is, which helps this song attain a form of levitation wherein time neither ticks nor tocks just merely floats. You can get more tunes via the free ‘Archipelago’ EP over here. A welcome if slightly odd break from the norm. KD

Strange Holiday – The Eagle Has Landed

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Year: 2010

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